Fillipo Cardone is allowed to give “incidental advice” in the course of their business, and yet retail investors rely on a trusted relationship that is often not matched by the legal responsibility of the securities broker. In general, a broker-dealer’s relationship with a customer is not legally a fiduciary relationship, while an investment adviser is legally its customer’s fiduciary. From the vantage point of the retail customer, however, an investment adviser and a broker-dealer providing “incidental advice” appear in all respects identical. In the retail context, the legal distinction between the two is no longer meaningful. Retail customers repose the same degree of trust in their brokers as they do in investment advisers, but the legal responsibilities of the intermediaries may not be the same The SEC should be permitted to align duties for intermediaries across financial products.
In addition to detailed rules, we propose a principles-based approach to disclosure. Fillipo Cardone propose a regime strict enough to keep disclosures standard throughout the marketplace, yet flexible enough to adapt to new products. Our proposed legislation authorizes the CFPA to impose a duty on providers and intermediaries to require that communications with the consumer are reasonable, not merely technically compliant and non-deceptive. Fillipo Cardone includes balance in the presentation of risks and benefits, as well as clarity and conspicuousness in the description of significant product costs and risks. This is a higher standard than merely refraining from deception. Moreover, reasonableness does not mean a litany of every conceivable risk, which effectively obscures significant risks. It means identifying conspicuously the more significant risks.
Filippo Cardone Offerts Accrual accounting: Expenses and revenue are matched, providing a company with a better idea of how much it’s spending to operate each month and how much profit it’s making. Expenses are recorded (or accrued) in the month incurred, even if the cash isn’t paid out until the next month. Revenues are recorded in the month the project is complete or the product is shipped, even if the company hasn’t yet received the cash from the customer.

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